Interior Signs

Customers and visitors feel welcomed when signs direct them into and around your building.

Frost’s professionally designed and coordinated interior sign systems begin with a well-positioned building directory, that not only makes the right first impression, but also shows exactly where to find specific businesses, offices, or departments. This is reinforced by strategically-placed directional (way-finding) signs and clearly identified elevators, stairways, and rooms, making it easy for visitors to get to the right place quickly.

Directional SignsInstalling way-finding signs inside a building involves a careful balance between form and function.  The right number of signs in the right locations allow people to find their way around without turning your attractive building into a billboard. Too many signs, signs that don’t match your décor, or signs in the wrong places will detract from your image and could make it harder for people to find their way around. Our experienced professionals can help you find that perfect balance.  Here at Frost, we believe it is always better to put in too few signs and add some later if necessary, than to start out with too many - even if that means we sell you fewer signs.

Frost’s sign systems are individually created to fit each unique space, complement its decor, and reinforce your corporate image.  And, we can match existing sign systems, when all you need is a replacement room sign, directory strip, or nameplate.

As always, Frost’s signs all come with an iron-clad satisfaction guaranty – and we will sell you exactly what you need.

First Mass Bank

Corporate logo; Building directory; Informational sign; Desk plates; Pictogram.
Custom sign system wood frames

Higgins Armory Museum

Building directory, directional sign, door plates, pictogram, donor plaque, information sign.
custom sign system custom shapes

Town of West Brookfield

Building directory; Door plate; Pictograms; ADA sign.

sign system for municiple building

Traina Center for the Arts, Clark University

Building directory, floor directory, ADA suite and room signs, and ADA elevator pictogram.""

Woodmeister Master Builders

Custom metal logo for reception area in corporate headquarters.

Woodmeister Master Builders

Medical Office Building Directory

Lobby directory for a medical office building.

Medical Office Building Directory

Downtown Office Building

Lobby directory for a multi-floor office building; Floor directory.

Downtown Office BuildingDowntown Office Building

Palmer Public Library

Building directory for a town public library.

Palmer Public Library

Signs with Special Features

(Clockwise from the top) Multi-color (thermal-printed) custom graphics; Free-standing back-light building directory with phone; Cast bronze door plate; Cast bronze desk sign with solid wood base; Changeable letter directories, corkboards, flannel boards and display cases; Dual language sign with special foreign language characters; Wall-mounted back-light building directory.directories, full color signs, foriegn languages, bulletin boards