Frost Plant Markers

Custom Engraved for Distinctive Gardens

Frost Manufacturing Corporation makes custom engraved plant markers for long-lasting identification of your garden plants, bulbs, shrubs, and trees.

3 plant markers

Identify your plants!

Long-lasting, high-quality Frost plant markers make an impressive addition to your garden. Year after year you'll enjoy these attractive reminders of your plants' locations. Identify plants by name, planting dates, sources, bloom times... the possibilities are endless. And, you will prevent the disappointment of digging up forgotten or dormant plants and bulbs. Choose Frost plant markers to give your garden a truly professional appearance.

Frost Plant Marker diagramMemorial Plant Markers

We can adapt our custom plant markers to be used for permanently identifying trees that have been planted as memorials or tributes to individuals. Please email or call for details.

Frost Plant Markers

Nameplates are 4.75" x 1.75" exterior-grade, UV resistant, durable plastic laminate. Choose from our stock colors listed below. Special order colors are also available. Custom engraved nameplates can be ordered separately. Check "nameplate only" on the order form.
$4.80 each for 1 line
$6.30 each for 2 lines
$7.80 each for 3 lines

is in easy-to-read plain Gothic letters in the color of the substrate (listed below). Italic lettering is available on request.

Cost of engraving is included in the nameplate price

Frost's steel stakes are the most popular choice for holding nameplates. Heavy weight, 16" stakes are one solid piece of 18 gauge steel with no rivets or spot-welding. Tips are pointed for easy insertion into garden soil. Nameplates slide easily into the sturdy bracket which can be tilted for easy viewing. Stakes come in long-lasting galvanized steel and in stainless steel, which will never rust or corrode. To order, download Frost's Plant Marker Order Form (PDF) or phone (508) 756-4685.
$8.00 each for galvanized stakes
$11.00 each for stainless steel stakes

Screw mount option is for mounting nameplates directly onto raised beds or other surfaces. Includes 2 brass screws and 2 screw holes drilled in the nameplate.
$2.00 each

Sample Kit
contains a sample engraved nameplate, a plant stake, and assorted color chips. Included is a $5.00 credit towards a future purchase.
$19.95 with a galvanized stake
$23.95 with a stainless steel stake
$28.95 with one each galvanized stake and stainless stake

Engraved Nameplate Colors ($7.50 set up charge per color)

white letters
white letters
Black Letters
white letters
Hunter Green
white letters
Hunter Green
gold letters
white letters
dark brown letters
white letters

Choosing Information for your plant markers

Include whatever information will be useful to you personally in identifying your plants and managing your garden. Some possibilities are:

  • Common name
  • Latin name
  • Year purchased
  • Where aquired
  • Blooming month
  • Harvest month
  • Pollination needs

Why Buy Frost Plant Markers?

Our plant markers are very durable, attractive, easy to read, and available in several colors. The engraved nameplate slides easily into the metal holder with no tape or screws necessary. Changing nameplates is fast and clean. Moreover, Frost plant markers can be customized to fit your unique garden. For example, you may choose different color nameplates for different types of plants. For berry bushes and fruit trees you may want to include on the nameplate the month fruit ripens.

When you buy from Frost, you buy from a four-generation family business that has served thousands of happy customers for over 120 years. Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority, and we stand behind our products and our service.


Frost Manufacturing Corp. stands behinds its products. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the quality of your engraved plant markers, return them within 30 days for a full refund or replacement.

Frost sells you exactly what you need! If the products shown are not quite right for your particular situation, please e-mail , fax or phone (508) 756-4685 and ask about other options.